Also called insulphen


In applications which require load bearing capacity, compressive strength of the insulation material is vital. Due to the fine cell structure Rhino-Phen® brings you high compressive strengths which further increase with the density. Not forgetting its good fire behavior, which is still there.

  • Excellent insulation values
  • High strength
  • Lightweight
  • Good fire behavior
  • Easily cut to size
Block height 600-900mm
Standard moulds 2400x1200mm and 2500x1000mm
Common densities 40-120 kg/m3
An alternative to PIR, PUR, Mineral wool, glass wool, foamglass and nitrile rubber

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Rhino-Phen® gives you

Closed cell content

At least 95% of our Phenolic Foam consists of closed cell content. In other words: the thermal insulation values don’t vanish when the materials get a bit damp.

Good fire behavior

Certain foam insulation products, when exposed to fire, pose severe dangers. They emit harmful gases & dense smoke, hindering evacuation. Rhino-Phen®-insulated buildings grant occupants extra time and a safer escape.

Thermal insulation (W/m.K)

Due to the very fine closed cell structure, Rhino-Phen® has an initial lambda value of < 0.021 W/m.K. As a result, Rhino-Phen® performs best compared to the most common insulation materials.

Most used applications

Pipe insulation
Pipe support
Tank insulation
Air ducts
Sandwich panels
Roller shutter housing
Your custom application
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