Phenolic foam

Phenolic foam

Phenolic foam is unique and can not be compared with other insulation materials. Phenolic foam combines good fireproperties like fireresistance, fire behaviour and low smoke production, strength and load bearing capacity with one of the best thermal conductivities available (λ 0,021 W/m.K after aging/ λ 0,017 W/m.K in laboratory)*.

For example, some insulation materials offer good fire properties but are not strong and rigid and need at least double the thickness to get to the same insulation value. Other material who do have the good insulation value and strength but can be considered as inferior on fire behaviour, fire resistance and smoke emission. Thanks to the combination of all these good properties phenolic foam is an unique opportunity to set yourself as the premium product against other materials like PUR/PIR or mineral wool.

Laminated phenolic foam has been used for many years in floors, cavity walls, external wall systems (with direct rendering), separation constructions, roofs and in various industrial insulation processes like pipe scales in warm and cryogen applications.

You can consult Teqtix Phenolic Solutions for all products and production methods. From the production of blockfoam elements to laminated phenolic foam. Also other applications in which you believe using phenolic could be a solution, cooperating with Teqtix Phenolic Solutions can give you the fastest route to the market with your finished product.

These applications could be in the following areas:
- fire resistant and insulating core material for doors and sandwichpanels
- jointfiller for wall penetrations
- abrasive materials
- insulation board for fire resistant ducting
- composite panels for the marine industry

* = The difference between the thermal conductivity in laboratory and after aging is based on the ‘penalties’ in accordance with the CE-marking.