Teqtix: A world class manufacturer of phenolic insulation blocks.

With years of extensive research and based on the experience of a dedicated team we have developed the next generation of thermal insulation with a high performance rigid phenolic insulation.

The product is unique as it combines extreme high thermal insulation, superior fire behaviour, nearly does not contribute in smoke production, has high compressive strength and stability whilst produced to the latest technology.

That company is Teqtix Phenolic Insulation BV, the product is Insulphen. Available worldwide through an international network of fabricators.


Our 3 pillars of success


Most of the offered thermal insulation products are strong in one or a few of the main properties you are looking for, but fail to deliver the other main properties.  There is only one product which is strong in all key product characteristics for thermal insulation and outperforms the others: Insulphen.

The Insulphen product sets the standard in thermal insulation, delivers in case of fire high level of fire resistance and generates nearly no smoke, its closed cell structure prevents water absorption and high mechanical strengths makes sure the product can bear the load.

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>20 years inhouse experience

Building its legacy on many years of consultancy in the insulation industry and a team of people who have been active in the phenolic foam industry since the very start of phenolic foam in Europe we are confident that we are able to deliver you the best products available today.

Whilst supported by the inhouse experience and knowledge of the latest technologies a continuous quality management system makes sure that each Insulphen product is meeting the same standards over and over again.


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Innovative solutions

The initial reason of founding Teqtix Phenolic Solutions was a had strong believe we had not explored the full potential of phenolic foam. Thanks to the factory layout in Oosterhout and the experience of the team we are now able to offer new products to the industry.

By a systematic approach we are able to find new methods to upgrade both existing products, but also develop new products giving unique properties regarding fire behaviour with the Firephen or maximum mechanical strength: Rhinophen.


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