Welcome to Teqtix

Teqtix Phenolic Solutions is a consultancy group for production facilities and formulation in the phenolic foam industry.

Teqtix Phenolic Solutions combines over 40 years of experience in innovation with proven efficiency with in the timeframe agreed for both (intended) phenolic blockfoam as laminated phenolic foam manufacturers.

Teqtix Phenolic Solutions is your partner of the complete development as a new phenolic foam manufacturer or to improve efficiency and production capacity at existing production facilities.

From consultancy on raw materials, resins, blowing agents to complete chemical compositions as well as engineering of production machinery up till guidance of a new manufacturer to be able to manufacture a sustainable and repeatable high quality end product.

What makes phenolic foam so unique is; one of the best thermal conductivities (up till λ 0,021 W/m.K after aging) without the need of using a gastight membrane or facing in combination with a excellent fire behaviour.

We also develop specific formulations which can be used in the marine industry of composite systems with a high fire resistance and ability to maintain stable and load bearing.

Due to the unique combination of properties of phenolic foam you are able with the technology of Teqtix Phenolic Solutions to rapidly develop products which differentiate yourself from current insulation materials like polyurethane or polyisocyanurate

Teqtix Phenolic Solutions is independent and not linked to existing phenolic foam manufacturers or raw material suppliers which will guarantee maximum confidentiality.